Social Media Dashboard


This is for all the social media managers out there who are looking for a way to manage all the latest social media updates in one handy dashboard.


  • Easy platform tagging
  • Collaborate with your team - see who's added which news
  • Filter the most recent news in Gallery view (you'll see the last week only)
  • Digest the news, use the What happened and Why does this matter columns to add in your own ideas on the latest social media updates.

How to use the dashboard:

  • You'll receive a link to the dashboard template, duplicate this to your own Notion space.
  • Simply import the latest news using your favourite Notion browser extension, and group by social media platform for easy access.
  • Have the latest news at your fingertips!

Download the template now

Recognise this template? That’s because I use it all the time! Check out how I use this very template every single week.