Addie Bryant

“I’ve had the pleasure of not only working closely with Becca but also have had the opportunity to be entrenched in her social media world, outside of our 9-5. From the moment I met Becca, her charisma, willingness to grow and expand her methodologies and her devotion to quality output was abundantly clear. I would often times just sit back, and admire her ability to think “big picture”. She would often challenge the team by saying, “guys, before we can dive into social media we have to start at the base… what are we trying to achieve? What are our core objectives? How will we benchmark our success? Becca never did anything halfway, she would take whatever time it needed to produce thoughtful, data driven and gorgeous pieces of content that have been proven to be extremely high performing. Her process, eye for design, her strategic thinking and her ability to address clients pain points and provide relative solutions are just a few of her many talents. I’ve met a lot of “social media experts” out there but this was the first time where I felt the title ‘expert’ very much belonged alongside Becca’s name. Her expertise, experience and her ever-evolving attitude is evident in her day to day workflow. When she is not producing gorgeous, high performing content, she is always perfecting her craft… learning a new skill set, reading up on the industry latest, speaking at conferences. I assumed that someone with this degree of knowledge, would have a particular way of working and therefore, I might have to “take a backseat” and let her run with what she does best. But that wasn’t the case at all. First marketing day at Base Creative, we (digitally) grabbed some pens and a paper and had a complete ideation day! We brainstormed ideas, bounced really great (and really terrible) ideas off one another and in the end… I was in awe. Her ability to include like minded creatives to collectively come up with campaigns involving the team approach was something I found to be incredible. She’s always willing to learn a new approach or consider a new process. She’s a thoughtful listener and allows all voices to be heard. Now lets just say she hates an idea, well, she will never tell you that. She will say something along the lines of, “I am just thinking, perhaps there is an idea that could be better suited to enhance xyz and maybe we revisit that idea for campaign x”. She’s welcoming, warm hearted, goes above and beyond and oftentimes ditches the whole concept of “work/life balance” to ensure that clients and Base Creative have what they need to succeed. She holds utmost integrity in not only her work ethic but her quality of work and not only myself, but clients, leading industry experts as well as organisations have noticed.” - Addie Bryant