#090 - The indomitable rise of audio-only platforms and monetisation

We welcome Spring vibes way diving deep into the power of audio content (yes, very Meta). We look at why Spotify acquired analytics platforms Podsights and Chartable and what it means for podcasters. Similarly, Twitter is about to make a giant leap into podcast discovery, enabling podcasters to create direct links to their podcasts in the app. We evaluate the pros and cons of this move, as the platform simultaneously launches Twitter shopping (really?) and its new Creator dashboard. Is the platform losing sight of its purpose, or have we been wearing conspiracy hats for too long? We also look at Amp, Amazon’s long-rumoured Clubhouse competitor. Amp is more about listening to music than sitting around and chatting. The goal is to turn any user into a radio host, able to program a playlist, talk to listeners, and chat with call-in guests. We are intrigued.