Alt Marketing School Podcast & Certification // Mar 21’ - Apr 22’

In early 2021, I joined up with Fab Giovanetti to join her as co-host every for the weekly show Marketing Soundbites, part of Alt Marketing School.

Every week we discuss the latest news in social media, bringing our views to the table on how the biggest changes will impact creator economy and brands looking to adapt their strategies.

In 2022, I expanded my role with Alt Marketing School and joined as a teacher for 2 courses in the very first Alt Marketing Certification, a 6-week digital marketing certification for professionals who want to do marketing differently. I taught students the following workshops:

  • How to create user-intent focused ads in the digital age
  • How to harness the influence of the creator economy

Check out all of the podcast episodes I appeared on with Alt Marketing School below:

Alt Marketing School Episodes

#095 - Elon Musk turns up the heat on Twitter
#094 - Everything you need to know about Pinterest's latest advertiser summit
#092 - Why TikTok made marketers real mad this week
#091 - Instagram expands on its Creator strategy - what does it mean for you?
#090 - The indomitable rise of audio-only platforms and monetisation
#088 - The real reason TikTok is expanding its video length to 10 minutes
#087 - Instagram is putting all of its eggs in one basket (and what it means for you)
#082 - It's time we talk about Wordle
#081 - NFT for dummies (and why social is going meta)
#079 - What does the future hold for creators on social media?
#078 - TikTok, what the hell are you doing?
#076 - All you need to know about Gen Z and social media in 2022
#075 - The haunting new social media feature we definitely did not need
#072 - Is Instagram REALLY bringing chronological feeds back?
#071 - Spotify Wrapped became the most talked about campaign of 2021
#069 - The one about the Twitter CEO
#068 - The Twitter and Jason Derulo collaboration we did not know we needed
#066 - Are you ready to take a break on Instagram?
#065 - Why Twitter and LinkedIn are going after your website
#064 - Why social media live streaming is fuelling e-commerce trends
#062 - Goodbye Facebook, hello...Meta?
#061 - Instagram's two new features you should know about
#060 - 10 social media trends for 2022 with TalkWalker
#059 - Why Twitter knows it is its time to shine
#057 - From Instagram meltdowns to TikTok breakthroughs
#056 - Watch out - TikTok is coming for you
#054 - How LinkedIn is nailing its audience, whilst Twitter keeps missing the mark
#053 - The good, the bad and the ugly about the new Facebook glasses
#051 - Fab & Becca share predictions for the rest of the year
#048 - YikYak is back, but should we care?
#047 - Our take on TikTok stories
#045 - Where did 24 million Pinterest users go?
#044 - It’s open day at Clubhouse, and you’re invited
#042 - Why is Twitter retiring Fleets?
#040 - Apply for your next job on TikTok (and more TikTok news)
#039 - Instagram releases its product roadmap
#037 - Why Instagram is pushing recommended content
#036 - Will Reels change the advertising landscape?
#034 - Instagram unveils how its algorithm works
#033 - Do we really need Twitter's weather forecast?
#031 - Marketing soundbites: Instagram new feature everyone is excited about
#030 - Marketing soundbites: is Facebook dead?
#028 - Marketing Soundbites: authenticity vs ego on social media
#026 - Marketing soundbites: Instagram Captions, Twitter Spaces
#024 - Marketing soundbites: TikTok lead generation ads, Snapchat and Instagram for creators
#022 - Marketing soundbites: Instagram stories links for all, Apple podcast subscriptions
#020 - Marketing soundbites: Zoom Fatigue, the future of Clubhouse
#016 - Marketing news roundup: latest and greatest from social media